Sub-Zero refrigeration and cooling appliances – approved suppliers and installers

For over 10 years, London-based Robert Timmons Furniture have been approved suppliers and installers of Sub-Zero refrigeration and cooling appliances. We can supply the full range of stunning Sub-Zero products including integrated to built-in options.

We supply clients across London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Essex, Herts, Bucks, Berks and Hampshire. We work directly with architects, interior designers and individuals, providing a depth of product knowledge to match the best solution to the project

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Robert Timmons have in depth knowledge of Sub-Zero fridges, freezers and wine coolers

Robert Timmons are one of London’s leading kitchen design companies. We are experts when it comes to knowing and understanding the Sub-Zero range of products. We offer a full bespoke planning and design service and also partner with architects and interior designers. We can also work from drawings. RTF have a reputation for excellence and we can ensure your Sub-Zero refrigerator or cooling appliance is installed correctly.

All our Sub-Zero installations are guaranteed for 2 years

As approved suppliers and installers for Sub-Zero, it means that all the work we carry out comes with a two year warranty. We also can supply the full range of Sub-Zero accessories or spare parts.

We supply and install Sub-Zero appliances for clients in London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Middlesex.

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Robert Timmons provide professional installation that comes with a 2-year warranty

Installing your Sub-Zero refrigeration appliance is best done by an authorized professional like ourselves because all of the work and parts come with a 2-year warranty.

IMPORTANT: We only us Sub-Zero parts for all of our installations. Please note that if an installation is carried out using non-branded parts it will invalidate your Sub-Zero warranty.

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Why Sub-Zero?

Sub-Zero’s three pillars of freshness
Standard refrigerator temperatures will fluctuate dramatically during the course of a day, exposing your food to temperature swings. Sub-Zero’s microprocessor-controlled system keeps temperatures within 1 degree of a set point throughout the day, keeping your food fresher for longer.

A history of quality
For over 70 years, Sub-Zero have been at the forefront of refrigeration technology – and all of that continual hard work has gone into creating their most extensive product range to date. From specialist professional to domestic solutions, Sub-Zero fridges and freezers look amazing with outstanding performance.

Nasa technology
Sub-Zero’s latest product range utilises a unique ‘air purification system’ developed initially by Nasa to aid food preservation.

Dual-compressor system
All Sub-Zero appliances come fitted with a dual-compressor system. What this means is that each fridge and freezer compartment operates independently, eliminating odour and flavour transference between compartments. The dual-compressor also ensures there are no temperature fluctuations, which saves on energy and in turn helps reduce your carbon footprint and lowers energy bills.

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