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Gaggenau hob solutions by Robert Timmons Furniture

Gaggenau hobs bring cutting edge aesthetics and technology to any kitchen. From clever specialised appliances to seamless flush-mounted systems, Gaggenau cooktops offer a professional solution for your home.

Robert Timmons Furniture supply the full range of Gaggenau hobs including the 400 and 200 series, induction, gas or ceramic cooktops.

As an approved partner based in the London area, we offer a full installation service for your Gaggenau hob, making sure it is expertly fitted to the correct specifications. If you require technical information or prices, please contact us at our London showroom on 020 8469 8081 or use our online enquiry form

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Gaggenau hob range

Vario cooktops 400 series

Selected materials, unusual capabilities and a fascinating presence in the room - the Vario cooktops 400 series unites cutting-edge professional-standard technology for the private kitchen with sculptural design. For the first time, appliances from 38 to 90 cm in width can be combined directly adjacent to one another to form an aesthetic whole. Thanks to the precise machining of the 3 mm thick stainless steel, the appliances can be both surface-mounted with visible edges or flush-mounted.

Vario cooktops 200 series

The 200 series features a unique variety of perfectly specialised appliances in a small space, from classic glass ceramic, gas and induction cooktops to special appliances for grilling, deep frying and steaming as well as suitable ventilation elements. The appliances combine to form an harmonious unit together with their overhead control panel made โ€‹โ€‹of aluminium or stainless steel.

Gas cooktops

Induction and gas cooktops can now be found side-by side in many professional kitchens. The issue of energy supply is often the crucial factor in deciding which option to go for. What few people know: All Gaggenau gas cooktops can also be operated with bottled gas โ€“ a good solution for installing a gas cooktop next to an induction cooktop

Full surface induction cooktops

Induction involves a precise transfer of heat via a magnetic field, ensuring optimum use of energy and faster cooking times โ€“ just like gas. Since the diameter of a pot's base is detected and only that precise area is heated, there is no loss of unused heat. Pots and pans of all shapes and sizes can therefore be used on a cooking zone.

Glass ceramic cooktops

Gaggenau glass ceramic cooktops are aesthetic cooktops on which practically all kinds of pots and pans can be combined versatilely.

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