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Vario ceiling ventilation 400 series AC 402181

Vario ceiling ventilation 400 series AC 402181 image

Vario ceiling ventilation 400 series AC 402181

Particularly appealing features of this ceiling ventilation system, which integrates into the kitchen architecture, are the system’s minimalist design and its high degree of modularity, which enables a flexible configuration of the individual ventilation elements. As a result, the AC 402181 can be perfectly adapted to fulfil individual needs and desires.

  • Discreet integration into the architecture of the kitchen
  • Flexible by dimension, performance and ventilation mode
  • Room ventilation
  • Modular ceiling ventilation which can be configurated individually by separate components such as filter module, control modules and light module
  • Individual configuration of unobstructed airflow of remote fan unit from 950 - 2800 m³/h
  • Highly efficient patented rim extraction
  • Planed and easy to clean underside with covered filters

Please check Product Specification Guide (PDF download) to ensure the appliance fits within your kitchen design correctly and is compliant with the planning notes.