door styles

as we are an independent design studio and a truly bespoke manufacturer we can supply a wide range of door styles for our kitchens and furniture. There are six main types as shown below. However we can also manufacture doors designs submitted by architects, interior designers or clients.

R1 style door

The R1 door style is the original handle-less door design from Robert Timmons Furniture. Unmodified in over 8 years it still proves to provide a simple, classic and effective take on handle-less design. Avaliable in painted and veneered finishes.

dulwich village
RTF Product Image R2

The R2 design was created to provide an alternative to the R1 handle-less style where thicker doors are needed as part of the furniture design. The radius detail to the back edge provides a comfortable detail to pull open the door plus negating the need to have a channel cut into the furniture.

great horkesley
RTF Product Image

The R3 door style utilizes a recessed handle groove in the face of the door. The R3 is 22mm thick and is avalible in painted and veneered finishes.

RTF Product Image

The R4 door style uses a 45 degree chamfered edge to allow an edgeless detail to be archived between door facia and side panel. Available in 18 - 30mm thickness and painted, veneered, acrylic finishes

RTF Product Image

The R5 door style is a flat slab door which is ideal for designs where a handle or touch open mechanism is required. The R5 has no edge treatments such as chamfers or scallops. It is available in thickness's ranging from 10 - 30mm and in all materials. This is the most versatile of door styles.

RTF Product Image

The R6 door design comprises an anodized aluminium frame which can accept a varity of inlaid panels:- Glass, acrylic, painted, veneered or metal. These are doors can be hinged or form part of a sliding door system. These doors only come in one thickness, 20mm